14264153_200192820397667_5749719397465808274_nWelcome to my personal website. Here, you can find nearly anything that I have posted publicly about myself in a neat and congruent order. I’m a paranormal/spiritual writer, artist, author and now radio-show host. I have over 30 years of metaphysical study. I’m a practicing Vedic Astrologer and a master Tarot reader. I’ve worked in places like Brighid’s Well in Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp.

I have a wealth of business experience in the way of digital marketing and traditional marketing and have written books and courses on the subject to help those who want to prosper in their spiritual businesses.  My pages are listed here so you can feel free to browse.

How to contact me for services, interviews and the like

I keep my life simple. You may contact me directly either on a Facebook page or group of your choice in the list below or you may email me directly at Filomena@SpiritualConnector.com

Thanks for stopping by and hope that you’ll find something valuable in my content and that of those I follow!

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